North Island

 After 8 months of south east asia, we decided to move to New Zealand !

Thanks to the working holiday visa we were able to save up some money for our worldwide trip!

It wasn’t so easy, because the cost of life is higher compared to where we were before! 

We worked pretty hard , on a average of 50 hours a week to have enought money to travel till Europe and 

change our bicycles! 

In the middle of december my parents came to visit for 2 weeks , during this short time we had the chances to

visit : Rotorua , Tauranga , Piha and Coromandel. 

Since the delivery of our bicycles  delayed couple of weeks ( because the customs) we to delay our start …

From 20 december we moved to 10 of  January …

The first day of ride started on the worst way “ever” , because laziness we delayed 2 hours ! Also because 

we could through away in the small bin all the old bicycles parts! We skipped the first 25 km by train , after for almost 

60 km we rode . As a first day we were happy to effort all the uphills with the panniers full loaded!  Since we didn’t know were to sleep

i asked to a farmers if we could pick our tent in his yard , he wasn’t afraid of strangers and he said that we were free to do it where ever we wanted! 

After a while he invited us to join for the dinner with his family and after dinner , with his small car he showed to us his HUGE farm! 

In the next we had to faced with a problem ! The road! The highway is extremely dangerous , especially when the shoulder doesn’t exist! Truck drivers are really fast, and it was really scary when they overtake us under a meter distance from us! Fortunately in some part of the trip we could avoid it and take some bicycle paths ! 

The Waihi trail was really nice , for 15 km we had the pleasure to ride inside a forest with the river on our side ! We crossed also a tunnel long 1 km!  At the end of the we decided to stay in a camping were we had a also swimming ! After a hot day was the top! 

In Tauranga we had our host waiting us , the day was long and the Sori after 10 km she snapped the chain in a very narrow shoulder!  i run to Sori to help here , and thanks to the chain connector was extremely easy and fast to fix the chain! ( thank you also to the police man that stop the car and asked if we need it a help) . 

The road  to Tauranga was pretty hot and we had constantly up and down for the day ! Our host Helen treat us like a part of her family !  We enjoyed so much our stay with them , they were really warm ( also because they hosted over 100 people in the last years).

When we left Tauranga , we move to Rotorua , during the way we got a lot of rains! We cycled for 6 hours , we were pretty tired in the end of the day , and the next Warmshower host wasn’t so good as we expect … 

His space is really good, the only “problem” is the communication with the other people, we had a dinner in big silence . Since i’m very talk active person i felt very bad . That’s why the next day we moved to an Air bnb room! 

After 2 nights of rest, we decided to cycle just 50 km and to enjoy the nature and the cycle way along the main road ! 

During the way we met also an old french couple , it was nice to see them still traveling by bike ! ( i wish i’ll be able to do the same in the future) . The road started to be half gravel and half paved , at the of the day we weren’t tired. We picked our tent in a camping ground that we can consider free ( there weren’t any reception … ) . 

Our lazy ride continued for other 50 km , during the way we stopped in a thermal area ! It was so relaxing stayed in the water , but after 30 minutes ( before to fell asleep) we decided to go ! 

In Whanganui we had another nice host and is here were we met also the Italian cyclist Claudia!  Jack and …. they use to host people 

very often , they been hosting traveler for over 15 years !  Our stayed become bit longer , caused always by me ! I had a huge infection inside my eye , i couldn’t even see properly! That force me to take 3 days off! Fortunately Sori always take care of me in these moments! 

From Whanganui to Levin the road wasn’t so amazing , we kept stay in the Highway an sometimes in some short bike path , arrived in Paekakariki we jumped in the train and we avoid the super busy road! 

Here we had our host waiting us , that’s also one of the reason of our train ride , Patrick and were really nice with and as always we cooked  the sushi ( since Sori is a sushi maker ) . We shared many stories , he also told to us that in august 2019 he will ride in Japan ! 

Maybe we will see them on the road?! Who knows?!  Otherwise , we them we also had the chance to have look around the city ! 

Wellington is really a lovely city compared to Auckland, and some of the old buildings still there! Another interesting thing for the cyclist , is an “abandoned” gasoline station where a group of volunteers are repairing bicycle for free , they can even teach you to fix your bike! 



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