I am Sori from Korea ,

i was born in 1993 in Anyang (near Seoul) . 

I played tennis for 10 years as Athlete . 

I do : ski,  yoga, scuba dive 



In 2014 , i started to travel as backpacker for almost a year , during the trip 

i  met a touring cyclist in Italy ( Milan) and i bought under his suggesting : bike , camping stuffs . 

I joined his journey for a month, at the end of the trip i totally fall in love with bicycle trip. 

When i went to  New Zealand i tried to be a solo cyclist , and i manage it well! 

In 2016 i’m back to Korea for 2 years to graduate at my university , on the meanwhile 

i worked as tennis coach for paying my university fee and save money for the next trip . 

On the same year Naoki was in Japan for a study abroad, we had the chance to meet and then we found same 

direction to our dream –

Finally in october 2018  we decided to travel together around the world 

In 2018, We’ve done in South Eastern Asia for 8 months.

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2 thoughts on “SORI PARK 

  1. Hi Naoki and Sori, my name is Cesare and I watch Naoki on Youtube from when he was in Japan to study (and not only). I like your travel videos and reports and I will be happy to meet you if you will came in Italy.
    I live in Gorizia, in the north east of Italy.
    I love Japan and east Asia, even if I visited only Japan and Malaysia.
    I wish you the best on your roads.

    1. Hello Cesare! Sorry for the late reply! I’m glad that you liked our videos , but for my next journeys i will try to improve my quality to bring to You Tube a better contenet!
      This year in from august to late october we will be in Japan ! After Jp we will go to Korea for 4 months , than in 1 year and half i’ll hope to be in Italy ! 🙂

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