Before leaving Thailand, we found my sandals in a Tesco (hypermarket).I was lucky, but just after a couple of days i broke when it was in a uphill ( Too much weak to support my feet power)

Our main goal were visiting Penang, KL and Go to Putrajaya Skate park and Malaka.

Malaysia was a nice co

untry to us. But we think Myanmar had more a nice landscape. In somehow, we enjoyed our time also here!


The second day of ride, we finished to ride in the highway. A  gentle police man escorted us out from the highway together with another old man offered to us a lunch in exchange to hear his stories and ours as well . In fact, Malaysia was great for communication , because most people can speak english well. This is a great help for the traveler! Think if you lost your way or you want to simple buy something! Even the communicate with the Warmshowers resulted very easy! 

Here with our friend 


Be hosted by a Warmshower is very easy in Malaysia, and all they know each other! 

PENANG AND GEORGE TOWN ( the grafix wall art city)

We stopped for a while in Penang on the beach side , the city is nice only for the grafix wall art. In George town ( is the biggest city in Penang) we  met again our friend from Poland , met in past in Hoian . It always nice meet again the same people , especially when they are traveling like you! But when you passed from the same  route there is much more to share!  

After the meeting we moved to the  TITI house,( our host own that guest house).  In exchange of work , we could stay there for free !

There wasn’t so much work to do it , so i repaired 6 bikes and Sori cleaned all the big house!

When left the TITI house ,  we decided to take the coast way ( instead to do it a long uphill with a big ascendant) ! Was really nice , the ascendant of the uphill wasn’t high! You even couldn’t feel you were doing an uphill! After the uphill , we had a long downhill to George town!


Since i love curves ( when i can take it fast)  was a real pleasure for me the downhill, i was also  ahead to Sori i said to her take a pose like Peter Sagan! And this is the result:

Is just a try!

When we left Penang, The weather started to be bad and for couple of days rain a lot! When we arrived in Kuala Lumpur, My friend Wen hosted us again and we had the chance to try for the first the VR visior with a arch game! Damn! Was really real and it was really funny! We really love it!  Except the horror games!

Kindly, wen and his girl friend offered us to go the rooftop bar which we can see the twin building. Sori was exiting so much and so happy for that.

Since, i did ride my street trial bike for a long time. I decided to go Putraja Skate Park and rent good bike. Sadly, The bike shop moved to another place. The Skate Park was amazing. But the dirt line was a disaster!

From when entered in Malaysia, Sori started to have many flat tires. I was bit tired to repair it almost everyday! Even we had the sealant. the sealant didn’t work because it was old i think. A good pair of Schwalbe Marathon could avoid many flat tires!

We rode everyday half day under the rain and arrived really tired in Malaka.

Badly, we started to get sick as well! Another friend host us here who is showed to us a couple of places. It was very interesting. Especially the house of his friend ( that was built in traditional style) . The entrance very small but the back of the house is really long  and much large!

Since, Malaka is old town like Penang. But actually, Sori love more here than Penang. Because, less touristic and have a good coffee.

We had to meet my sister on time in Singapore. We avoided the last 200km by bus. Always a bad feeling take a bus for avoid some kilometers for me. But i’m not alone and i have to care of Sori as well. ( Sometimes, Sori prefer to take a bus) The price was worth it and we didn’t think twice. Arrived at the Singapore border we had surprise.

Discover it on the next episode!


Malaysia  have a nice and friendly people and safe in somehow also nice food. But the penisula doesn’t have so many nice roads. Another good point of Malaysia was the food ! THE FOOD IN MALAYSIA IS AWESOME  and extremely cheap ! Especially, Indian food!  Actually is a mix of Chinese and Indian. Because there is high influence from this 2 community!  We missed Cameroun Island and i bit regret it. But for sure, In the future we can go there !


Malaysia Part 1 : 04,Apr.2018 ~ 24,Apr.2018 (Travelling Expenses: 1,553 Ringgit )

  • Route: Changlun▶ Sungai Lalang ▶ Sungai Petani ▶ Penang ▶ Nibong Tebal ▶ Sitiawan ▶ Sungai Besar ▶ Kuala Selangor ▶Petalling Jaya ▶ Denkil ▶ Malaka ▶ (By Bus) Johor Baru= 748Km
  • Weather: Humid / Rain a lot (Almost everyday )
  • Camping: Police station one time/ Temple wasn’t allow us.
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 7$~15$)
  • Warm-Shower: In Sungau Lalang with Farhan, Ash. They had having us 3 nights.
  • Food: Roti canaoi( Fried bread )/ Teh Tarik (kinda milk tea)/ Nasi Remak / Laksa / Satte( stick meat ) / = Per meal 15 Ringgit for two people.
  • Supermarket: Ecosave/ Giant / Mydin / Tesco/ 7 ELEVEN (not much than Thai ) /
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 3.5 Riggit (Apr,2018)
  • Sim Card: “Hotlink” 6GB+Social Packages =45 Riggit
  • Languages: Most people can speak English
  • Road Condition: You can’t ride in Highway. Just express way was good enough.
  • Driver manner: Always Kind and give us way
  • Bicycle with transportation : You have to pay for bicycle. Up to the Company of Bus or Drivers. We paid 35 Ringgit for Tickets, 15 Ringgit for Two Bicycles.



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