melon helmet

Melon helmet are really different compared to others helmet



We never had in my whole life a helmet so easy to close it ( thanks to magnetic) ,  i really love this feature because i can close the helmet while a hold with one hand the hadlebar!                                                                                                                                        Another thing that we like is the range of colours and styles , i think the customer have really a lot of choice! So what’ ever is the colour of your bike , with melon you are sure that u can match it !


I  wish to had it during our trip because it really protect from the sun rays !                        Is make with solid pvc , is easy to fix it on and remove it as well!  Not many helmets have this feature

Not less important is confort! I found this helmet really confortable , if we want to use the helmet witha hat or even a hoodie is possible because the size of the helmet is adujustable!
We used helmet everyday and of course the usage is more intense than use an helmet on the weekend .
Dark colour easy to scratch it
If i compared my helmet to my girlfriend one , well her helmet is really scratched , and on the black the white scratch are really visible instead the light blue one .
The front plastic near visior , it glue it off ( maybe the hot temperature of Mymanmar ? ), Sori didn’t report this problem .
The helmet is bit on price compared to other helmet 80  dollar / 50 euros  , but all the money that cost are worth it because on safest side , this one is the best helmet urban helmet in the world.
Is possible to buy it on Amazon for really good price!
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