Train from jakarta to Yogajakarta

Our trip were really close to the end and since we rode a lot in bad conditions , we wanted to take a LONG rest before leaving Indonesia to go to  New Zealand for saving money:)

Once more again, we took the train on direction to Yogajakarta which is famous for his temple Borobudur .

The train system was different compared to the other country. If you want to take the train with your bicycle, you have to send it through the post office ( usually are next to the train station). However , we packed our bike and they send it in a cargo train  ( when we arrived there the bikes were already in there ). Unfortunately, my trailer mudguard were broken. I complaint to them because i wanted to weld it again and also because if everybody don’t complaint they start to give a bad service and handle the stuff badly! 

Yogajakarta chapter 

We were super tired because in the economy seats we couldn’t sleep very well.. 

Arrived to our host in Yogajakarta, Sori had a short sleep. Because of  our host i  couldn’t sleep , he wanted to know a lot about us . After the Sori nap , we’ve been to the hospital  to check that everything was fine , and luckily  she didn’t have any problems. 

In the next day , we rented a motorbike to visit the temple ( 25 dollar of fee ..).

It was nice and many students came to us for taking pictures also interviewed us ! I believe that foreigners are sort of stars there ahhaha…

I was really  worried to ride the scooter, because most of drivers doesn’t respect the traffic rules!                                                                                 A bus driver were really close to crash on me, i couldn’t image to see the cutting to me the road! 


We move to Bromo mountain. This one was our last ride,  we didn’t have enough time to ride all Indonesia, because before 27 may we had to be in New Zealand and also because 30 days to visit Indonesia are too short you even need at least 3 months ! 

The traffic on the road became very intense, most of the we were kicked out from the truck and bus drivers! We didn’t have any to stay on the asphalt , so our last chance was the gravel path on the side , but the drivers used also the that empty part of road to overtake….

Unwillingly, we arrived in bus station to go to west side which is close to Mt.Bromo .

The nightmare


Sori started to cry a lot and around us had many people who glimpsed us. Maybe she had anxiety but since we were there, she was upset  because the bus drivers tried to cheat us . So i become a sort of “tiger” of bargain and i tried to beat them . They asked 525,000 Rupia, but bargained for 350,000 at the end we accept ( even was still expensive ) .We put our bikes on the bus and we arrived in Proboringo which town is closet town to the bottom of the  Mt.Bromo.

We took a rest in a “nice” hotel to refuel ourself !  We ate a lot and soon we get ready to climb the Mt Bromo , arrived in Pasrepan which is way to go Bromo we slept in a police station , they were really welcoming to us and they provided everything! power , “bucket” shower , A/C and WI FI!


In the morning, we tried to start early to be sure to arrive close to Volcano, but always me or her we forgot something on place were sleep! So she hitchhiked and went back to pick up her stuff in 30 minutes by a different person)  Amazing no ?

Soon we started the real climb, the road start to be hilly , but not for first 8 km , after we had couple of big ascedant were Sori start to push her bicycle. After 14 km  of uphills we were exhausted, the weather started to be cold and the fog started to come out as well. All the reason were good to stopped in Wonokitri, were we ate a lot to make sure to have enough energy to effort the last stage! 

Out from the crazy traffic , the “heaven” were in front of us! 

In the village there were a uphill around 18 % and there we pushed both our bicycle. Arrived with beautiful weather! but last kilometer were definitely hard. But when we reached the highest point 2555M, We were super happy for our effort were repaid !

The volcano was really beautiful , WE CAN SAY AMAZING! 

They downhill was very steep , after that we had 2 km of sand ! We tried to ride there but was really impossible ! We gave up and kept pushing till the bottom of volcano, after 20 minutes of push and 20 minutes of walk we finally arrived to the TOP  of  the volcano! 

During our way to the last downhill , I met some Italians and they were amazed from our travel story , also all the people that saw us riding in the sand . But honestly we rode a small part of the world, we have to ride much more! 

We are happy that in the end we inspired many people.

Mt bromo summit


Indonesia Part 2 : 07,May.2018 ~ 16,May.2018 (Travelling Expenses: 3,685,800 Rupiah )

  • Route: Jakarta ▶ ( By Train) Yogakarta ▶ Solo ▶ Ngawi ▶ Ngonjuk ▶ (By Bus) Mojokerto ▶ Pasrepan ▶Wonokitri ▶ Mt. Bromo ▶  Probolingo =365KM
  • Weather: Sunny/ Cloudy 
  • Camping: –
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 10$~15$)
  • Warm-Shower: In Yojakarta with Anto. He had having us 2 nights. 
  • Food: Nasi Goreng/ Mi goreng = Per meal 50,000 Rupiah for two people.
  • Supermarket: IndoMarket/ Alfa Mart/ Hero / Hypermart 
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 14,000 Rupiah (May,2018)
  • Sim Card: “oordoo” 4GB+Social Packages = 75,000 Rupiah
  • Languages: 50% People can speak English 
  • Road Condition: Too narrow  and too many cars. 
  • Driver manner: Bus driver , truck driver and motorcycle all of them are dangerous. Be careful to them! 
  • Bicycle with transportation : In here, We had to send our bicycle through Post office for taking train with bicycle and we paid more than our seats. ex) 440,000:Our seats and 700,000 Our bicycle. Sadly, Bus company didn’t accept our bicycle so..  


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