Everything started from BANGKOK


Bangkok was the first city where me and Sori we started our trip !

The trip could start better but unfortunately i had some problems with air flight company… They left my bike box in Il Cairo (Egypt) , so i had to wait 3 days to receive my bike ! Because of that we spent almost 4 days on looking all the sightseeing in Bangkok.

The first days we were forced to use the local buses , since we couldn’t understand the thai we missed more than one time our bus stop! Maybe use the taxi was easier… 


The first impression was : ” this weather is too hot and humid! ”  However we appreciate it the temple and the food  some other way and also the convenience store, pretty different from our countries (Korea and Italy) .

Our first day riding wasn’t so good. In Bangkok had a big flood but even that we tried to start! I didn’t have any sandals and my shoes got completely wet! Since Sori had Sandals, hand’t any problems:)

Also I had first flat Tyre in street was like a river and riding there was like riding as blind!  We couldn’t see any  puddle down the “river” and Unfortunately,  My back wheel felt down inside a big puddle ! Our tube had sealant Actually, Didn’t work cause damage was too bigAnd we forgot to put the sun-cream, and Sori got a lot of tan…:(  Anyway, when we arrived Chonburi from BKK. We found a room and spent the night there. It was 500bath(13$ for 2people) Since we were so exhausted. it’s worthy.

We stop in Pattaya where we expected to see a nice beach.but the only nice things to see It is wooden temple! it was really beautiful! (we’ve knew Pattaya is famous for other kind of entertainment)

I thought, could manage with some foam inside the Tyre but even that one of results was pretty the same! 


When we arrived in Koh-Samet, He decided to give some of clothes to a local and honestly, receivers were pretty happy. I was happy as well because of good action! We found a nice camping spot in front the beach  also very cheap but definitely, too hot for me. Also couldn’t sleep over night. because, it was too hot , too many mosquito s and too many people make noisy sounds with their scooter in middle of the night! (Sori was ok… 🙂 )

We decided to have a small trip inside the island and some uphill were around 16 % of ascendant that one was one of my worst day ever….. We arrived in the others side of the beach. Suddenly, I started to have the fever. We couldn’t understand why ! Also had a heavy headache and lost all his stamina! After 2 hours of rest without any power in his muscle, He moved body and we were back to our tents. Finally,  we decided to move in a small guest house for recovery.

We booked a room for 3 days and I spent time all 3 days in the room ( fortunately with A/C) .

Probably, The leafs(Veg) in the food made me sick ! Since Sori is from Asia country, never got sickness. So, she could enjoyed the beaches. Even I was sick, kept looking for a bicycle wheel to replace my old one. But find a 26 inch with 36 spokes was impossible ! The only way to ride “safe” and buy some inner tubes for Downhill ( more thinker than a normal one) .


In the next days we had some rainy days but nothing really hard. When we were in Chantaburi, Finally we spent days with our First Warm-shower host. Had the change to particulate to the funeral of the kind and also Sori had the chance to play tennis with him!

Next 2 days, We decided to leave our host. well … After only 10 km, I broke two spoke and had no way to repair with wheels ! The rim was completely bend And for sure in Cambodia, Bicycle spare parts are quite hard to find outside from the big cities than Thailand.

For a while,We try in somehow to fix the bike but the only to get out from this situation was call our host and ask to pick up us then try with them to find a 36 H  wheel! Finally His daughter pick up us then she helped us to find out bike wheels.  (2 wheels for less than 60 euro!)

The next day we left his house and we took gravel road ( quite muddy but also funny )  after a couple of km in the gravel road, we join again to main road.At the end of the day we arrived in the Cambodia border.

And from there, we started to facing many situation.


Thailand Part 1: 10,Oct.2017~28,Oct.2017  ( Travelling Expenses : 10,477 Bat)

  • Route: Bangkok ▶ Chonburi ▶ Pattaya ▶ Rayong ▶ Ko Samet ▶ Ban Phe ▶ Chanthaburi ▶ Phsar Prum (Cambodia Border) = 444KM
  • Weather: Raining / Sunny / Hot
  • Camping: stayed only Camping ground and It’s cheap.
  • Accommodation: Hostel, a night 500Bat (13$)
  • Warm-Shower: In Chanthaburi with Poei Sathian
  • Food: Pad Thai / Kao Pat (Fried Rice) / Street Food =  Per meal 100~120 Bat for two people.
  • Supermarket: 7 ELEVEN (you can buy everything) / Big C Mart / Tesco Lotus (Food court is cheap and clean)
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 30 Bat (Oct,2017)
  • Sim Card: You can buy in 7 ELEVEN
  • Languages: Most people can’t speak English
  • Road Condition: It’s good in Highway but Map.s me will guide you small town than Highway and more longer.
  • Driver manner: Kind and give us way.
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