I hated to take another bus again, but my visa and time were very short , so from  Mae Sot to Ayutthaya we didn’t ride … We just did 20 km to reach our warm shower host was not bad. Ayutthaya is really quiet city , in just max 2 days you can have a look of all the temples, we spent a nice time with him . From what we know is of the top  warmshower in Thailand because he hosted really many people! 

We moved again in BKK and here i finally close my chapter with my teeth! I did my crown! I spent about 500 euro but were all worth it ( i hope ) . 

On the first days in Bangkok we were hosted by a spanish guy ( always throught wamrshower), we share with him a lot of experience! 

When told about my sad experience in the mountain with the bicycle , a tear came out ( because i thought to die of  hypothermia)….

While i was in BKK another friend  decided to host me in his appartament ( 5 start hotel ) 


The experience was very nice , we could have any kind of comfort , it was so far from our normal life style …. We appreciate it because i never except that he could be so generous with me and Sori . During our stay in the hotel i been 3 times to dentist , the final parcel was 550 euro , a lot of money but totally worth it , compared to Italy i saved a lot of money! 

The first time that we came to Bangkok we couldn’t enojoy the night atmosphere ! But since our stay here was pretty long, we decided to have a ride along all the streets . We really like China town , is very particular and remind me the old China . 

I think in our last month of the trip we didn’t ride so much but didn’t have choice!  So from Bangkok we took the train  to Surat Thani to go Koh Samui (Don Sak Pier) . We wanted enjoy the Thai islands , but to avoid the touristic areas we avoid to go to Phuket and  PhiPhi Island


In Koh Samui we  rented for 2 days a Honda 125 scoopy for 200bath a day and it’s the best option if you want to see the all island ,is just 50 km of  circumference! Koh Samui is really full of sightseeing , you can decide to visit the beauty of temples or enjoy the water falls or the beaches! 

The third day in Koh Samui, we took another boat to go to Koh Tao for scuba diving. For me was the  first time, but for Sori not , she had already a long experience on Scuba! Anyway, we booked the Fun dive for only  60 Euro and they let pick our tent in their camping ground, here the guest house are more on price ………

Before the dive , we had a short lesson about the base for diving , i listened everything very but it wasn’t enough! I was really worried about diving  because the instructor gave to us a lot of warnings about the way to manage the  AIR tank! Before the dive i forgot almost everything, the only way to don’t die is follow the instructor , at the end i really enjoyed the experience ! If i have the chance in future , maybe i will try again! 

After our “no ride take a rest” , we finally  restarted our trip on way to  Malaysia. For sure now we were ready to ride the bicycle after long rest of 3 weeks! 

We tried to sleep in police station since they are always welcoming to cyclists, were they couldn’t offer a bed we have the permission to put our tent on their ground! Sometimes they invited us to join on their dinner or they even gave some food for next day! 

I highly suggest to use the High way police station , because you can get: place where to sleep , a place were to put your tent , free water , sometimes free meal and well the experience to stay with the local! 

Thai High way police station car

 While i was moving the tent i broked one pole, i tried to repair using my flag stick and some american tape, but it didn’t work, we had to sleep with the tent bend in one side… The fastest solution was remove the broken one and move it at the bottom!  Honestly i wanted to do it but Sori didn’t let me do…  

I thought break the tent was enough , unfortunately during the night i forgot my sandal outside and a dog destroyed completely. I couldn’t use it anymore…. 

Few days later i found finally the tent pole , i went in hardware store and cut it for me for free! The pole fitted perfectly over the other poles ! The first problem of sleeping in the tent comfortable was figure out , but not the sandal ! I had to ride for more than 80 km to find a pair of sandal! 

At the end of the day we arrive in Hat yai which is closest city to Malaysia, is here were we felt already in Malaysia! 


Thailand is a huge country , there are many type of people but generally are very kind a polite . In our experience we didn’t report any bad episode . 

Food and accommodation are really cheap , there are many type of landscape ( mountains and  beautiful islands) , the only problem is the visa you have only 30 days , South Korea has 90 days free! If you want to stay longer ( 6 months or over) , you have to pay  at least 120 euro or you can enter by land 2 times a year , if you fly in you don’t have any limit . 

Thailand Part 3 : 15,Mar.2018 ~04,Apr.2018 (Travelling Expenses:  21,050Bat )

  • Route: Mae Sot ▶ (By Bus) Ayutthaya  ▶(By Car) Bangkok ▶ (By Train) Surat Tani ▶ Koh Samui &Koh Tao  ▶ Sichon  ▶Nakhon Si Thammarat ▶ Hua Sai ▶ Songkhla  ▶Hat Yai ▶ Changlun= 495Km
  • Weather: Hot / Sunny / Humid
  • Camping: Highway station or Police station
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 10$~15$)
  • Warm-Shower: In Ayutthaya with Sopon. They had having 2 nights.
  • Food: Pad Thai (Stir-Fry Noddle) / Kao Pat (Fried Rice) / Street Food / Fried Banana = Per meal 100~120 Bat for two people.
  • Supermarket: 7 ELEVEN (you can buy everything) / Big C Mart / Tesco Lotus (Food court is cheap and clean)
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 30 Bat (Apr,2018)
  • Sim Card: You can buy in 7 ELEVEN
  • Languages: Most people can’t speak English / “Hello” = (ssa waidikap ) “Thank you” = (kokun kap)
  • Road Condition: It’s good in Highway but Map.s me will guide you small town than Highway and more longer. Just you can follow the number of Highway where you want to go.
  • Driver manner: Kind and give us way.
  • Bicycle with transportation : You have to pay for bicycle more than your tickets or half of that and you can’t Bargain.


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