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In the end of January, We entered in Thailand from Huay-Xai border. Also we were staying with French guy who is Bruno. But since we wanted to keep traveling by our-self in Chiang-Rai. We decided to split it and take our way.

In Chiang-Rai we spent a great time , because is a quite city and with all the things that we couldn’t find it in Laos. 

Visiting all the interesting sightseeing by bicycle wasn’t possible because all spots are located very far to each other , that’s why we rent for  a day to visit them in once . Also We been also  in Coffee farm which called Doi-Chang. We could see the entire coffee production! Really interesting if you love the coffee !

Chiang Rai was the city were we left our Bruno , from here we move to Chiang Mai ! It took at the least 3 days ( we could effort in 2 days) but we waste some times in the road….  

During the way we meet another cyclist like , he came from Malaysia , but he started from Lisbon!It was nice exchanges our experiences with someone that been traveling for over 2 years!

All the guest house/hotel had the same price list of Europe , that’s why we gave up and we pick our tent in the police station for the first night and in the second night we setted up our tent in a camping ground . 

Here i was able to take some pictures to the star! 


In the next day, we arrived in Chiang Mai and here I discovered real problem of my tooth! I had a caries and need it and almost a month to recover it!  Too much time since my visa was only 30 days ( and i used already 7 days) , It was hard figure out the decision to take it.              Finally i decided to do the root canal treatment in C.M. and the crown in BKK. I could save a lot money compared to Italy. I did the root canal treatment really fast  because i was really short with the time , in another hand do it in 3 treatment in 2 weeks was really STRESSFUL! 

In the rest of our free time we visited C.M. and the hills around the city ! Compared to C.R is more crowned and more touristic….

During my stay in Chiang Mai i didn’t stop to ride my bicycle , i wanted to keep myself on fit! That’s why i been two times to the Doi Sutep! In the was even better then during the day, i could appreciate it the fresh breeze and also the absence of the traffic! 

Since Sori had to go back korea for working Winter Olympic as Volunteer , i restarted the trip alone  i had 700 km ahead me. Effort it alone was different , the locals were more helpful than when i was with Sori.


I didn’t have any big problems between C.M. and Tak , but ride under the hot weather of south Thailand started to make my journeys more hard , and forced me to start early every morning ( i was even close to faint in the road). I slept only one time in a guest house and it was full of cockroach ( horrible experience) . The police station and the temple were more clean , i like also to stay there because were more safe than do it wild camping! 


From Tak to Mae sot was incredible hard! I had 3 mountains to climb it and the hot weather make everything way harder!  I decided to do it everything in 2 days ( easier to effort it ) , exactly 40 km a day ….  I just make a big error i didn’t carry with me enought water and food and during the uphill i didn’ t have any restaurant ! I was starving and i couldn’t find even the camping ground! …. 


The next day i had couple hills to do it , i was really exhausted , that’s why when i’m arrived in Mae sot i stopped in H.W police statione . where  i took a rest for 2 nights in a highway police station. I had A/C , wi fi , and a hot shower and also a  good bed as well ! I lost my flag too , but thank to a texile shop i got some new fabric for free! Also another offer to me a couple of meal but refuse it to don’t pay it! The even want to host in their house! Definitely too gentle with me! 


Thailand Part 2 : 18,Jan.2018~ 16,Feb.2018 (Travelling Expenses: 9,884 Bat)

  • Route: Paktha▶  Noensombum ▶ Chiang Rai ▶ Ban Hua Wiang ▶ Mae wan ▶ Chiang Mai : Sori went to Korea= 334Km/ Chiang Mai ▶ Measot (only Naoki) =around 800Km
  • Weather: Hotter / Sunny
  • Camping: Police Station allowed to us 100%!
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 10$~ 15$)
  • Warm-Shower: –
  • Food: Sticky Rice / Pad Tai/ Kao Pad / Fried Banana /Fried Chicken = Per meal 100~120 Bat for two people. Thai Food is always great 🙂
  • Supermarket: 7-Eleven!!! / Big C / Tesco
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 30 Bat (Feb,2017)
  • Sim Card: We didn’t have it.
  • Languages: 30% people can Speak English. “Hello” = (ssa waidikap ) “Thank you” = (kokun kap)
  • Road Condition: good road and clean
  • Driver manner: Kindest 🙂
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