MYANMAR : Where the kindness end ?

Finally, I met Sori again! After 3 weeks, I could hug her again!

After took a rest for 2 night and after we were ready to cycle again together . For Sori wasn’t easy ride in Myanmar because she came from the cold temperature of Korea, in the first days she suffered a bit of hot temperature! 

The road was boring , but what make Myanmar special are the people not the roads or other stuff. 


They are extremely kind and when I was saying that kind is more kind than your expect !!! When we had our first lunch outdoor. We asked that if we could sit on their bench , after couple of minutes, they brought to us some fresh bottles. After that also they gave us long bench to lie there with pillows.

Also in the next days we had a similar experience , we suddenly invited in a sort of breakfast party with the kids! The atmosphere was really nice! I really liked it! 



Same day, I suggest to Sori that sleep in some temple! And she was pretty happy of the experience! In case your are planning to ride in Myanmar you can even try the experience on the temple! 


Just don’t be scary if the police come to the temple. Because they just want to keep on track where you are going 😉  

Here in Napydaw we realize that there are many empty roads completely empty , the roads are really gigantic ! 

In one street there are 20 empty lines! The reason is because close there is the parlament and in case of emergency the 

From Bago we rode till Napydaw and where we decided to put our bicycle in the train to go to Inle-Lake! Why we took the train ?

Check the next post!


Myanmar Part 2 : 20,Feb.2018 ~27,Feb.2018 (Travelling Expenses: 181,850 Chat  )

  • Route: Bago▶ Nyaunglebin ▶ Pyu ▶ Yedashe ▶ Naypydaw= 314Km
  • Weather: Extremely, Hot and strong sunny
  • Camping: Stayed few nights in Temple (It’s not easy but worked)
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 20$~30$)
  • Warm-Shower: –
  • Food: Fried rice. Not really good food 🙁
  • Supermarket: small market and small supermarket
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 1200 Chat (Feb,2017)
  • Sim Card: 9,500 Chat =4GB
  • Languages: 70% people can Speak English. “Hello” = (Mingle raba ) “Thank you” = (geju ddibadi)
  • Road Condition: Bad and under work
  • Driver manner: Kind and not many cars
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