MYANMAR: trust them


I was quite worried about going to Myanmar. Before pass the border I knew that everything will be different from Thailand. Because, an old thai woman said to me : ” Myanmar is dangerous ! Don’t go there! They will decapitate your head ” .  I didn’t believe it on her. But after a couple of days in the country. I felt that people are very polite and kind . 

Thinking about how to effort my journeys

Roads are good , very well paved. But, still under construction and are really dusty!

My journeys ( even I was alone ) were AMAZING! I never bought food or water .Some people offered to me in the temple or just offer to me a meal in the restaurant! I will never forget the kindness of Burmas!


The first encounter in the small village in Kawkareik was really nice, i stayed in a small guest house with a bucket shower , standard Myanmar toliet and… Well when i went out to visit this town those kids showed all the best part of their village! I was really impressed how they were open to me! They really full fill my heart! 



I liked almost everything in Myanmar except the bad manner to bite tabacco , and the plastic trash left everywhere . They are not educated to the use of plastic bag, that’s why they have this situation …. 


Ride in February, under 37 degree was real nightmare. I couldn’t ride between 11 am to 3 pm. The sun were too strong i almost faint a couple of times. So i decided to take a long breaks during the afternoon.

Ride between 6:00 am to 11:00 am were really helpful , a nice soft breeze  made the air really fresh! But , I always felt hard wake up at 5:30 am! Couple of times, i even slept in  the guest house ( because i needed it some comforts)

I become lazy and every morning wake up early was a real challenge ! Without effort in the morning i suffered a lot during the day, since i had to catch Sori on time i dind’t have any chances to 1 day rest . (Sori was in korea for a while. because of work in Olympic. )

I had to ride Minimum 50 / 70 km every day ! Road were really boring and only the people long the way  made my journeys enjoyable!


Myanmar Part 1 : 16,Feb.2018 ~ 20,Feb (Travelling Expenses: Naoki doesn’t count 🙁 )

  • Route: Maesot (only Naoki)▶ Bago = Around
  • Weather: Hotter / Sunny
  • Camping: Stayed a night in Temple (It’s not easy)
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 20$~30$)
  • Warm-Shower: –
  • Food: Fried rice. Not really good food 🙁
  • Supermarket: small marker and small supermarket
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 1200 Chat (Feb,2017)
  • Sim Card: 9,500 Chat =4GB
  • Languages: 70% people can Speak English. “Hello” = (Mingle raba ) “Thank you” = (geju ddibadi)
  • Road Condition: Bad and under work
  • Driver manner: Kind and not many cars
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