LAOS : The real challenge

The “second” part of Laos was hardest part of this country and we also face up to the steepest uphills of the trip 

From Vientiane, we started to have the first uphills from the capital to Vang-Vieng. There are couple of uphills which is pretty hard. But nothing really is impossible. During the way of landscape started to change and felt appreciate about nature and children in all the way that keep say “hello” to us!

We had the chances to camp with our tent in a petrol station. But they said to us that is not legal camp in there. But in somehow we managed and they helped us. Had toilet and WIFI also protect from the rain! It was Perfect for us!

Vang-Vieng deserved to us with crazy adventure in the forest. leaded us to secret cave pool. when we were looking for caves, we were into fences, mud and others “crazy” stuff. and some cyclists were looking for that as well. Finally, we followed them and arrived secret cave with them. Thanks to New-Zealand cyclists for leaded us there:)


After day, We were heading to go Luang-Prabang. And we had to cross mountains that highest in our trip till now.  The mountain between Kasi And Luang-Prabang is around 2100 M and many hills around 10 /12 %. and we could choose the way to up hills. one is more longer and many up-down. other is shorter and longer of up hill and down.

The night before we spent a couple of hours to study our route. We didn’t want to have one day with many up-down. like the previous day. So we decided for one long uphill that probably, after up hills  will be long downhill ! and could be in somehow easier…

The uphill was really struggling. we decided to take a nap after 10 km. And this one was one of our error. Every turn was really harder. Sori count 60 step and after took a short break. For me was bit different. He tried to pedaling for 30 /40 second and decrease to 15 after take a long break ( 5 minute ). Near the first view point, We thought we were already arrived on the top. But unfortunately, we had 4 km to reach the last part. Sadly,  we didn’t have more energy and it started to be really dark.  In the last uphill near the top we held some people to push the car even we had to be hurry. but we were unhelpful since the cars couldn’t effort that gravel part!

We celebrate our arrival on the top for a while. But after a couple of minutes we realize that the uphill weren’t finished. Still many 10 / 12 % instead of long downhill!

We were exhausted of pedaling at the night without energy and food. So we crossed the finger and tried to hitchhike. After a couple of trying, We got it and put our stuff behind the car. I stayed behind since he had to hold all bags and bicycle.

Was the scariest “Roller Coaster” ever in my life. He felt in every curve to jump down from the car ( didn’t have any point were to grab myself. ) Fortunately, after 30 minute we arrived to the guest house ( closed ). But, some locals called the manager and for 2 nights we could take a rest.

Next 2days, we were heading to Luang-Prabang. and we still had some really heavy uphills. But slowly slowly we arrived there.

We spent time 4 nights in Luang-Prabang. Visited to waterfall and found out camping gas, had good meals. and when we were riding, we’ve got new cyclist who is going to North Thailand as us. From there, we started to riding with him.


Actually, We took a slow boat from Luang-Prabang to Pak-Beng, And we were heading to North of Thailand. Unluckily, From there the road started to be very hard. Last 4 days climb almost 5 times between 10 / 12 % of ascendant! It was very hard. But we had a nice company from Luang-Prabang! A french guy with us for a week and He was really good to motivate us to rider along the uphills ( even couple of times he disappeared) .

Last stages in Laos, it was the best one. we really loved ride our bike in a gravel road ( even was full of stones.) felt really out from everything ! We were alone with our bikes , no one around us! I had a couple of flats Tyre. Because the wheel was bit small  for gravel road ( the inner were too weak for those roads) .

At the end of Laos left to us a lot of nice emotions ! Amazing people, Nice food , Nice landscape!

All the effort in the uphills were payback . Especially from Pak-Beng to the Thai border!



Laos Part 2 : 04,Jan.2018~18,Jan.2018 (Travelling Expenses:  3,415,000Kip)

  • Route: Vientiane ▶Nongtao  ▶ Vang Vieng  ▶Kasi  ▶Namuang  ▶Luang Prabang  ▶ (By Slow Boat) Pak Beng  ▶ Houay Pheoung  ▶ Xianghong ▶ Paktha =447Km
  • Weather: Hot but when we were in Mt was colder.
  • Camping: Vanvieng has Camping ground
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 10$~ 15$)
  • Warm-Shower: –
  • Food: Noddle Soup / Sticky Rice / Meat stick/ Fried Banana /Grilled Banana
  • Supermarket: All gas Station has a small convenience store
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 8000 Kip (Jan,2017)
  • Sim Card: We didn’t have it.
  • Languages: 30% people can Speak English. “Hello” = (ssa waidi ) “Thank you” = (kup ggai)
  • Road Condition: many up hills and few pave roads
  • Driver manner: Kind but many big tucks.
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