From Singapore to Indonesia was a long trip!

We rode straight to the pier of Singapore to take the ferry on direction to Bam-Tam. Leaving the custom was really annoying.  We had to drop the panniers and trailer bags 2 times. Arrived in Indonesia, we avoid it and we told to them that Singapore customs (strict) checked already everything ( how to brake the custom easy) 

In the same day, we tried to book our ferry to go to Jakarta for 2 days later , however the ticket office was “close”. Since, me and Sori we never give up and we tried  to talk with all staffs and with some excuses about our bike and bangs , finally they opened the office for us! 

On way to our hotel which we booked already. We avoid another crash! A moped started to slow down in the uphill, another one crash on him because he was looking the smartphone and he was speeding as well ! ( We still lucky ? ) 

We stayed in strange hotel for 2 nights. because wasn’t an hotel ( It called RED DOORS) , many prostitute came here during the day.Since we had to wait ferry for almost 2 days we decided to enjoy our time in the cinema and we saw INFINITY WAR! 🙂


After our short stay in Bam-Tam.We were going to pier( It’s other side of pier) checked again our baggage in port. It was hard because we had unload again everything. Why ? They checked already at the customs but why !!!they had to check again for going to same country. We waited really a lot and after 3 hours we could embarked our bicycle. Didn’t have any flat ramp, we had steepy stairs to effort it with our bikes. Fortunately, Many people who were around us, helve us a lot.

We slept a night in ferry with economy class. many Cockroaches were everywhere and sleep inside a ferry was a nightmare! Since, Muslims pray from 4 :30 am. we had to wake up same time. because there are strong megaphones that remind you that u have to wake up and pray ( the volume was really HIGH) . I really hated to wake up so early but in another hand i could see the sunrise and the previous day an awesome sunset in the ocean!

Arrived in Jakarta we said good bye to our “friends” made in ferry and we were head to our Warm-shower host. Who is AMAZING TONY and CAMELIA. We really enjoyed our stayed with him and her wife! We had a lot of fun, because they know very well how to joke ( Italian way) . I really missed that humor!


Another day, Tony guided us to go Tamamini as you can see about all Indonesia of different culture with history. Then offered to us amazing dinner for us every nights. Surely, We could stay well and wanted to stay more. But all the time, We have to care about our Visa and should go now.

So, where we go next?

Indonesia Part 1 : 30,Apr.2018 ~ 06,May.2018 (Travelling Expenses: 3,033,400 Rupiah )

  • Route:  Singapore ▶ (By Ferry) Batam ▶ (By Ferry) Jakarta 
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Camping: –
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 10$~15$)/ Book with AGODA was cheaper.
  • Warm-Shower: In Jakarta with Tony & Camellia. They had having us 4 nights. 
  • Food: Nasi Goreng/ Mi goreng = Per meal 50,000 Rupiah for two people.
  • Supermarket: IndoMarket/ Alfa Mart/ Hero / Hypermart 
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 14,000 Rupiah (May,2018)
  • Sim Card: “oordoo” 4GB+Social Packages = 75,000 Rupiah
  • Languages: 50% of the people that we meet can speak english 
  • Road Condition:We didn’t ride yet
  • Driver manner: –
  • Bicycle transportation : We did’t pay our bicycle for ferry from Batam to Jakarta. 



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