Hiking the Ijen crater and swimming in Bali


From Bromo to Probolingo we had a long downhill and some little uphill! I enjoyed so much because, i could ride really fast (without taking any risks). Arrived in the city, we looked for a hostel and stopped two night . While we refueled ourself , we planned another “extreme” adventure! Climb the Ijen crater in the night with a moped! 

It was decided , we pack our staff and move with train near the bottom of the crater! Our goal was see the blue in the night , that’s why everybody climb that crater! 

Going there means start at midnight with the moped and reach the base camp at 1 a.m. 

To going there, we took a train around 2 pm and to arrive around in Banyuwangi station at 7 pm.


One more time we left our bicycle at post office!  Around 11:30 pm we were ready to go up. While we started to climb the uphill the temperature drop down , i felt cold on my body and my hands because the rains came down! I didn’t have any raincoat because we left everything inside the bike box…

Ijen crater , sulfur gas warning!


The uphill started to be very hilly and fog very thick ! I couldn’t see anything , i drove almost blinded ! The road were also full of holes , and avoid in that condition without destroy the moped was really hard! 

Arrived to base camp,we tried to get hot tea and small fire inside a house. In somehow we dried also our wear!

At 2 Am, we started to climb the mountain it was really steepy., Sori and our “friend” were really fast but i couldn’t keep the same pace. Near the summit the air started to be very heavy because contains sulfur, that’s why everybody bring with them the gas mask! Close were there are minatory is possible to see the blue fire ( caused by the reaction between sulfur and lave ) . 


If you are planning to go there is good to bring to them some food , they will appreciate it ! Their salary is very low that’s a small action like this can change their journey! 

I wanted to take more pictures. but it was really hard use my camera because, couldn’t find any stable rock where to put my tripod! Also my mask didn’t work properly! More close to “blue” fire more is hard to breath!

After 15 minutes, we came back to the summit for enjoying the sunrise. I think, this lake and landscape around was much better than the blue fires! Honestly, The blue fires were not so big and really small flames (maybe we were unlucky to see just small flames).

On the way back to the downtown, we were pretty sleepy and Sori fell asleep while i was driving the moped. I didn’t know how i  caught her head before falling down !!!!

Sori before the downhill

Arrived to the station of Banyuwangi, we took our bicycles and we head to the ferry on way  to Bali.

Landed there, i had to bargain again because we took a mini bus , the wanted to cheat me  ( of course they didn’t) .                                                  I used to break down price in one simple move. If they didn’t accept my price i asked to others or a made a fake give up , however they want your money ,  or soon or later they recall you to bargain again then you can realize a price close to the one you wanted !

We stayed very compressed inside the van/bus , also the 4 hours inside the minibus was a nightmare! 

I used to break down price in one simple move. If the didn’t accept my price i asked to others or a made a fake give up may be you do like this, they probably recall you to bargain again then you can realize a price close to that you wanted !


Anyway, at the end we arrived in Bali and spent time almost a week. we enjoyed a lot time here. Specially, we have been in Nusa Penida ( you can take a ferry from Sanur pier )which place is not that much touristic yet and we could enjoyed great landscapes and beaches.

Also when we were back from Nusa Penida, we’ve visited around Bail with motor bike, It was great for ending 🙂

After, We took a rest and we were ready to go to New Zealand for Saving money 🙂


Indonesia is definitely awesome ! There are beautiful mountains, volcanoes,beaches, nice food!                                                                            Roads are dangerous outside from Bali and the people don’t even know what are the traffic rules!

In touristic places the people try to cheat you. So be careful because they are really good at! And if you are unlucky they even try to threaten you!

They threatened us in Crystal bay beach (Nusa Penida) At the night, they asked us money for the security tax ( i asked to them their ID to prove it but they didn’t have it ) since Sori wanted to avoid to have our tent destroyed we gave them 50 000 rupia .

Also we went to Hindu temple and we didn’t want to have a guide to showed the temple. and after finished  to guide, he asked us money even we checked from beginning.

but the People are good and bad everywhere not just in Indonesia! So just keep on your mind just my aware and think your trip will be great!

Indonesia Part 3 : 16,May.2018 ~ 26,May.2018 (Travelling Expenses: 4,862,000 Rupiah )

  • Route: Probolingo▶ (By Train) Banyuwangi ▶ (By Motorcycle) Mt. Ijen (By Bus) Bali Depasar  Bail Sanur ▶ Nusa Penida ▶ Bali Kuta ▶=30 KM
  • Weather: Sunny
  • Camping: In Nusa penida beach.
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 10$~15$)
  • Warm-Shower: –
  • Food: Nasi Goreng/ Mi goreng = Per meal 50,000 Rupiah for two people.
  • Supermarket: IndoMarket/ Alfa Mart/ Hero / Hypermart 
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 14,000 Rupiah (May,2018)
  • Sim Card: “oordoo” 4GB+Social Packages = 75,000 Rupiah
  • Languages: 50% of the people that we met can speak English 
  • Road Condition: Bali is also narrow and many uphill and downhill.
  • Driver manner: Bus driver , truck driver and motorcycle all of them are dangerous. Be careful to them!
  • Bicycle with transportation :From Banyuwangi to Bali, we took a local bus and paid 280,000 Rupiah with two bicycles. 
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