CAMBODIA : Problems with the CUSTOMS?


Cambodia wasn’t the most beautiful country of all our trip…

In our first day started with blackmail from the immigration in the border…

We didn’t have so many Bath(Thai money) and since we knew from the beginning that in the border the prefer USA dollar than Bath . Basically the cost of the for the tourist visa is 30 dollars (  on average ). But usually they charge an extra  5 dollar ( the usually keep in their pocket) !  We had a problem with them because the didn’t want to exchange our 100 dollar, unbelievable!

So we paid with our last bath! in total was 37 dollar per person! They cheated us also with the currency! We can say it was the worst border that we crossed in south east Asia,  on other hand the locals were really friendly!


After crossed the border we noticed many casinos( were Cambodian lose their money ,  and long empty road….. Since we didn’t have a lot of time to look for cheap guest house , we took first one ( we bargain a bit ) and we obtained a good room  ( with hot water shower) . Most of the the time the guest house didn’t have the hot water in the room ( until you stay in a country where the weather is hot it’s ok ) .


We liked the gravel road in Cambodia. Because, we were bored from the paved road of Thailand! The real challenge arrived when we had to cross a river with our bicycle , the only way to do it was using a narrow boat in wooden ! In somehow, we reached the other side alive ( without falling out )


riding a big puddle in Cambodia


Another day, we asked to put our tent inside temple. We heard from another cyclist that in Cambodia was possible and it’s worked. Monks were really kind with and  even they couldn’t speak english and we couldn’t speak Cambodian. Instead to sleep inside the tent they offer to us to sleep down his house ! 

The next day we had more gravel road, the first 30 km were really hard ! The path was sketchy  with many bumps , we spend almost 2 hours and we had ahead almost 100 km to do it!  However the  wind ahead made everything really hard, i even risk my life in the express way , because car drivers overtake others cars without caring of the motorcycle and bicycles as well! That day was really long, only at 8 p.m. we could our shower and have a nice long nap! 


The only thing  to visit in Siem-Reap  is Angkor Wat temple ,  Sori have been there 3 years ago. It was nice to seeing and enjoying of history but the ticket are too expensive compared to the past .  Because of that we decided to buy ONE-DAY  pass ticket , for us was enought because we used the bicycle , 

Another “interesting” sightseeing in Siem-Reap is Tonlesap Lake, we didn’t go there because the ticket was too expensive ( 25 dollar per person) ….

So we enjoyed the view from the top , even the floody village is bit different because you can see a sort of forest as well! I highly suggest to visit Inle Lake in Myanmar because is definetely more beautiful! 

Cambodia Part 1: 29,Oct.2017~03,Nov.2017 (Travelling Expenses: 440,850 Riel) 

  • Route: Phsar Prum (Cambodia Border) ▶ Sisophon ▶ Siem-Reap = 216Km
  • Weather:Sunny / Hot / No more rain
  • Camping: Stayed in Temple a night
  • Accommodation: Hostel, a night  (6$~15$)
  • Warm-Shower:-
  • Food: Noddle Soup/ Lok Lak ( meat & rice) / Coconut bread
  • Supermarket: Market or Small convenience Store
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 4000 Riel (Oct,2017) But, they accept US dollars as well.
  • Sim Card: We didn’t have it.
  • Languages: They spoke english  better than Thailand.
  • Road Condition: Narrow and Paved road.
  • Driver manner: Aggressive in the expressway
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