MYANMAR – Bagan , Inle lake , Yangon


The reason why  we decided to take the train , was our visa (AGAIN)  ! The time was limited to 30 days ( we think to visit Myanmar you need at least 45 day by bicycle).

Also the main problem are the borders. If you enter from Mae-sot, you have to go out from there, you can’t use the north border. ( these rules will change) 

Using the train was a nice experience ! But We are not gonna suggest, especially if you can’t sleep with the heavy noisy of the railroad! The train shaked so much for arrive to Inle-Lake. It took almost 12 hours ( if don’t delay)


Arrived in Inle-lake, we stayed in a dormitory. it was nice! Specially, our “Room-mates” were really nice ! We really enjoyed our stay with them! Of course, We booked a boat trip with a them for a day! The tour was AMAZING!  Let the pictures talk for us.

At the end of the day ( even the guide brought us to many shops as well) we were pretty satisfied. we left a tips to the driver because he really deserve it!

inle lake


In the next day, we were heading to Mandalay. The landscape changed a lot ! We started to see the beautiful hills of Myanmar.

Ride there was nice, but  couldn’t effort so many kilometers. Arrived in small town, we slept in a temple and luckily we got a hot shower when we went out for a dinner , suddenly the police stop us and asked for our passport ( as always they just wanted to make a registration).

The following day, we had just uphill! During the ride we took a rest on the side of the uphill and Sori said to me : ” I really want to have a watermelon” , suddenly a  truck driver stop on the middle of the road and from his window he gave to us a watermelon !!!

Couple of minutes later, we stopped again (because uphills). Suddenly, Two guys asked to us that if we wanted to go to Mandalay and charge our bike on their car ( too small for our bikes). I wanted to refuse it. But at the end, We realized that we were too tired to keep cycling. So we accepted and our bikes were charged in another truck. We talked a lot with them and all our questions that was about Myanmar !

Arrived in Mandalay, We spent 3 days on looking all the sightseeing! Talk with local is always nice. Especially, when they can speak English as well! There are couples of nice sighseeing around the city that must to be visit! 

In the guest house, We met an indian cyclist. We shared with him 2 days. Unfortunately during those days, I had a heavy sickness again. I vomited twice, we were 50 km far from Bagan then we decided to take a small bus.


I was literally dead , i stayed bad for almost a week!  But, we could enjoy the amazing temples and Sunset in Bagan! We rented an E-bike and it was really good for checking all the temples! But, As all touristic place, there are too many people ! Also We won’t suggest to take the hot-air-balloon. Because it’s too expensive as everywhere in the world. If the wind is too strong you can’t fly it!

Since I missed Italian food a lot, Here was possible to eat PIZZA make by an Italian! The taste was awesome. But, my sickness didn’t help to me !…. I had to spent another night in the toilet and Sadly, Sori ate 1 pizza and half!


After our stay in Bagan, we move to south,  in Yangon. Almost 6 hours in the bus, when we jumped out from the bus we had to cycled for  20 km in a sort of darkness .

The traffic was terrible (as all the big city in south east-Asia) ,  here we were hosted by a Warmshower, we stayed there 3 nights , we talk a lot about our problems in english ..  well he made clear our doubt about our miss understanding ( me and Sori we  fought a lot because the english)

We liked stay with him because he is an expat  living in Myanmar , because of that he know everything from another point of view! Unfortunately Myanmar despite is nice for human contact , have grow a lot economically because they had 50 years of military governament , that make Myanmar the poorest country of south east asia!…

We think Yangon was the hottest place in all Myanmar. When we visited the biggest pagoda, Couldn’t walk well cause of  ground. But, the temple is great and you can see many people are praying to the Buddha.


And after we left Yangon to move again to Thailand. We took a bus again. Because we left just 1 day our visa. The bus inside was really freezing. We don’t know why they had to keep the A/C  with a polar temperature.

Arrived in Mae-Sot border, we had no problem to leave the country and enter again in Thailand, we visited again all the people that held to me before. They still remember me at all. All those vibes made me really happy.

From Mae-Sot, we had to be hurry again. Because…. IN NEXT EPISODE 🙂


Myanmar Part 3 : 27,Feb.2018 ~15,Mar.2018 (Travelling Expenses:  533,450 Chat  )

  • Route: Naypydaw▶ (By train) Shwenyaung=Inle Lake ▶ Naung shwe ▶  Gyeo ▶  Mandalay ▶ Myaan ▶ (By Bus) Bagan ▶ (By Bus) Yangon ▶ (By Bus) Myayaddy ▶ Mae Sot = 271Km
  • Weather: Extremely hot and strong sun. No rain ( not in the rainy season) 
  • Camping: Stayed few nights in Temple (It’s not easy but worked)
  • Accommodation: Hostel a night ( 20$~30$) / Dormitory is 8$ P/P
  • Warm-Shower: In Yangon with Josh. He had having us 2 nights.
  • Food: Fried rice. Not really good food 🙁 / 4000 Chat per meal for two people
  • Supermarket: small market and small supermarket/ Water:300 chat/ Sugarcane: 800Chat
  • Exchange Rate: 1$ = 1200 Chat (Feb,2017)
  • Sim Card: 9,500 Chat =4GB
  • Languages: 70% people can Speak English. “Hello” = (Mingle raba ) “Thank you” = (geju ddibadi)
  • Road Condition: Bad and under work
  • Driver manner: Kind and not many cars ( Except Yangon) 
  • Bicycle with transportation : You have to pay for bicycle more than your tickets but you can bargain it .


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